A Good Sort of Family

Wouldn’t it be nice to just be content with whatever you had?  To be happy with your lot in life?  Generally, people are just wanting more, more, more.  They don’t stop to realize how lucky they really are.  However, there is the occasional person or family who really appreciates their life and wouldn’t change it for anything.  Just by looking at a photograph, you can tell that the Skeen family from Texas seems to be one of these rare families.

They value family, love, and religion more than anything else.  This was clear after viewing the photograph showing them and all their possessions.  They were standing close together in the front, holding a Bible.  Their other belongings were placed behind them, with cars and appliances in the back.  The positioning of the objects could be used to see how important each thing was to the family.  Things at the front were most important and the farther back an item was, the less valuable it was in the eyes of this family, and the things at the very back were the least important.  Because of this, it was obvious that religion is very important to them, as they were holding a Bible in the front of the picture.  The family was standing close together, so it appeared that they are pretty close and value each other a lot.

In the picture, there were some items that showed what the Skeens liked to do for fun.  There was a TV, computer, football, soccer ball, and books, among other things.  However, it is likely that the family also just likes spending time together.  It seems like they would enjoy being together as much as possible.  They appear to be a very close and loving family.  It is obvious just by looking at the picture.

The mood of the picture is happy and loving.  The Skeens looked very content, peaceful even, in the photograph.  They seemed to be very happy as well, and they definitely love each other.  They look like they are one of those families who are grateful for each other and very content with their lives.  That is a good sort of family to be a part of.  The Skeens may or may not be wealthy in a worldly or economic sense, but they most definitely are wealthy when it comes to love and happiness.